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Vault Online Backup offers flexibility and choice for individuals, teams and businesses to effectively protect and manage their data, from personal photos to large enterprise databases. Our fully automated remote backup system will ensure that your data is secure and ready for use even if all other computer systems fail. Our system consists of two parts, which are designed to ensure advanced protection of your data and improved usability.


Want improved security and less productive time wasted on complex backup procedures? VaultOBS delivers advanced data management solution and provides complete data protection and availability.

VaultOBS features:

- Advanced security techniques and 256-bit encryption to protect your data from hackers and malware. The backed up data is transferred to a remote server through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
- Compatibility with all common platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, NetWare, UNIX and all other platforms that support Java. Data can also be restored across different platforms.
- Specialised backup modules for all commonly used databases, ensuring complete protection of critical data.
- New backup, encryption and compression technologies that offer immediate improvements to performance and speed, and significant reduction of the total backup time and Internet traffic required.
- Easily access you account online and conveniently restore backed up files from anywhere.


VaultOBM is simple and intuitive. But don't let that fool you, it has deep capabilities that simplify the most complex data management tasks for you.

VaultOBM features:

- Simple and intuitive user experience - you can create, schedule and successfully maintain online backups.
- A flexible and powerful remote data backup solution that integrates, extends, and scales for the enterprise. Best of all you only need ONE account to protect ALL your computers. The system also allows each computer to keep its own separate backup schedule and configuration.
- Comprehensive backup scheduler puts you in control and provides great "Set and Forget" features.
- A handy shortcut enables selection of Outlook, Favourites, Desktop, My Documents to be backed up in just one click.

Online backup is not only affordable, convenient and fast way of saving data; it also provides easy recovery and integrity of saved data. Vault Online Backup will guide your business or home operations into a new age of online data protection and file recovery. You can rest assured knowing that even if something was to happen to your data Vault Online Backup is working for you.

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"This has been the best thing that we have implemented into our office as computer crashes and loss of data is a thing of the past when you implement Vault into your office.
Thanks for all your help throughout the year."


Supported platforms and databases

Supported Platforms and Databases