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Vault Online offers a comprehensive online backup and data protection system. The system offers an easy-to-use and reliable online backup solution to safeguard the important business and personal data and to ensure that it is readily available when needed.

Vault Online is committed to ensuring the availability of information in the event of failure or unforseen data loss. We offer a fully automated, daily activated software that will backup and protect your important information without fail. This reassurance of protection now allows you to focus your valuable time elsewhere in your business.

Services overview

Low cost, best protection

Vault Online offers complete protection to your business data at the best value for money currently available on the market. Vault Online offers the trust that you need in safeguarding your critical data and leaves you with peace of mind.

On one account you can add multiple backup sets and install the software on multiple computers without any additional charges!

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14 day free tial account

Vault Online Backup allows you to register for a full-featured trial account and test our online backup service. If you choose to continue using Vault Online Backup services after the initial trial period, you will just need to sign up for a monthly plan and we will keep your data secured.

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Free traffic

Vault Online will not charge you for any upstream or downstream traffic. You only need to ensure that your internet subscription is active.

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Ease of use

Use of the Vault Online backup system is simplicity itself.

A quick and easy software installation is followed by selecting the files, directories or other data formats you wish to regularly backup. Your selected files will be scheduled for automated backup from that point on, unless you remove them.

On the server side, the web-based management console provides complete user administration, comprehensive online reports and email alerts for system administrators. The auto upgrade feature allows upgrade of the client software to be completed seamlessly.

All these translate into a low Total Cost of Ownership.

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Professional service

Vault Online offers a complete range of associated professional services. Our analysts will assist you with choosing the most cost-effective solution for your business. Following are some of the factors that our analysts will consider:

- Type of backups
- Anticipated data volume
- Backup Frequency
- Performance criteria
- Budget constraints
- Trade off between performance and costs
- Expected growth in data volume

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Supported platforms and databases

Vault Online Backup software supports all leading operating systems which can run Java2 Runtime Environment 1.4.2 or above, which are essentially all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, NetWare, NAS devices, etc. Besides, Vault Online Backup software comes with modules specially designed for backing up common database applications, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, Oracle and MySQL.

This allows you to back up all these databases professionally as recommended by their respective software vendor easily without requiring you to know how it works technically behind the scenes. If the databases or applications that you are using in-house are not listed here, don’t worry. Our extensive and easily configurable command line tools enable you to add custom backup logics to basic backup operation through simple scripting.

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Backup scheduler

Vault Online offers a flexible backup scheduler. You will be able to easily implement the desired backup policies. Moreover, Vault Online can back up opened files, e.g. Microsoft Outlook® mailboxes can be backed up while you are working on your emails. Furthermore, backup of larger files can be completed in a much shorter timeframe with Vault Online In-File Delta feature, which minimises data transfer by uploading only the modified data blocks.

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Vault Online software prepares your files for backup by compressing and encrypting them. The encryption key used to protect your files resides only on your computer and is known only to you. It is never transmitted anywhere accross the network. This means that, even the system administrators will not be able to decrypt and view the content of your files stored on the backup server without your permission. This unfortunately means that if the encrypting key is lost, you will never be able to recover your backup files. Currently, the algorithm that we are using to encrypt your files is 128-bit Twofish.

Your data is then transmitted, utilising an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection, to Vault Online backup servers' securely shielded data storage facilities.

You can also restrict access to your backup files from the set of IP addresses you defined. If someone tries to access yout data from an IP address not on your defined list, their access will be denied. This additional security ensures backup files are not open to all locations, even if the username and password are known.

Please contact us for more information

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In-File Delta technology

With In-File Delta technology, it is now possible to backup very large files daily. There are two different modes of operation available for In-File Delta backups:

1. Differential Delta mode

Differential Delta will facilitate ease of restoration. The delta is generated by comparing with the latest uploaded "Full" file so the data can grow daily. This mode uses more bandwith during backup. For restoration, the full file and a single delta file is required to restore the file to a specific point-in-time.

2. Incremental Delta mode

Incremental Delta will facilitate ease of backup. The delta is generated by comparing with the latest uploaded "Full" or "Delta" wile so the delta file is smallest possible and uses the least bandwidth during backup. For restoration, the full file and all delta files up to the required point-in-time are required to restore the file to a specific point-in-time.

The delta is generated by extracting the differences between the latest file to backup and the original file stored on the server. Both files are divided into individual blocks using the same block size and the blocks are compared to determine whather they're the same or different. The differences are extracted into a delta file.

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Compatibility with trusted third party applications

Vault Online has specialised backup agents for a range of third party applications, namely, Microsoft® Exchange Mail-Level agent, Microsoft® Exchange Server agent, Microsoft® SQL Server™ agent, Oracle® database agent, MySQL® database agent and Lotus Notes® / Domino™ agent.

Please contact us for more information.

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Vault Online client software is designed with scalibility in mind. Vault Online supports network storage devices such as NAS and SAN, allowing you to expand your storage capacity or the number of client access licenses seamlessly without disruption of your backup service.

Please contact us for more information and supported hardware.

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Simple and smart restore from anywhere at anytime

Online Vault interface allows you to restore your backup files from anywhere at anytime (Internet connection is required). Moreover, Vault Online provides flexible retention policy settings, which allow you to restore snapshots of your data sets at a particular point in time to recover a past version of the file.

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Technical support

Vault Online provides extensive and quality support on product-related and general security queries and issues.

Please contact us for more information.

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